Special Notice Regarding On-Line Registration Programs - Barnstable Recreation and Hyannis Youth and Community Center

Please be advised that our software system WILL NOT allow parents/guardians to UPDATE the birthdate, age, or grade of their child(ren). Please verify that this information is correct. If it needs to be changed, please contact the Recreation Division/HYCC, 508-790-6345 or recweb@town.barnstable.ma.us.

Unfortunately, if you do not randomly review your household account for accuracy, your child(ren) may be locked out of a program because of age/grade restrictions.

Key to WebTrac Icons

The Add to Cart button will add the selected item to your shopping cart
The Cart button takes you to the screen where you begin the process to add the selected item to your shopping cart
The Cart button with a Slash will remove the selected item from your shopping cart
The Exclamation Mark icon indicates that online registration/purchase of the item is not available
The House icon will display location information
The Dollar Sign icon displays the fees for the item
The Pound Sign icon displays enrollment counts
The Question Mark icon displays the descriptive details for the item
The Magnifying Glass icon will display a photo of the item if available
The Check Mark icon allows you to check the availability of the item.
The Small Person icon indicates instructor information.
The 'M' icon will display a map to the location

Key to Record Navigation Icons

The Down Arrow icon is for drilling down through the record results
The Drill Down Arrow icon is for drilling to the bottom of the results
The Rewind icon returns to the first page of records
The Back Arrow icon step back one page of records at a time
The Forward Arrow icon steps forward one page of records at a time
The Fast Forward icon jumps to the last page of records
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