Out of the winter and springing forward!

IMG_6724Time to get everyone caught up! Yes the Gatehouse was flooded not once but twice this winter! Bomb Cyclone Grayson put 14″ of storm surge into the Gatehouse on 1/4/2018 and then Riley came along on 3/2/2018 and hit us with 9″ inches of storm surge! So the Gatehouse has been redone twice in the past few months! We are pretty much back together and are now open. Here are some updates for you all.

Gatehouse is open for the month of April everyday from 9 am to 3:30 pm for the purchase of 2018 ORV (Off Road Vehicle) permits. We also have merchandise we are selling at a discount. Bomb Cyclone Underwater Merch! All of these items were under water from Grayson, they have been thoroughly cleaned and are on sale. Own a piece of SNK history while supplies last!

Now the other exciting stuff!  We have the 2018 Resident and Non-Resident ORV Applications online on the front page of our website at www.sandyneckbeachpark.com 
Scroll down and you will find them on the right side of the page under Notices. Print the application out, complete according to the instructions given and mail everything and we will process and get your 2018 ORV Permit in the mail. Make sure you include all the required paperwork, check and self addressed stamped envelope to make the process smooth. Your return envelope should be big enough so we can mail you the permit and the latest pamphlet of rules and regulations.

While you are on our website check out the new SNK App! This app will keep you informed and up to date regarding what is going on at Sandy Neck. Beach closures, weather, tides, everything you need to plan your day at Sandy Neck! Instructions to download the app are on the website. If you have any questions feel free to email me at: donna.bragg@town.barnstable.ma.us

Other news. The front dune has been re-nourished. The storms had done a lot of damage and we had lost most of the dune. The lower parking lot is now open to park and the entrances from the parking lot to the front beach are now open.

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy Spring!


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