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Hiking and Hunting Sandy Neck!

Fall at Sandy Neck...

Fall at Sandy Neck…

Hunting and Hiking Sandy Neck Beach Park 2016

Hunting has been a long held tradition here on Sandy Neck and the fall season is upon us.  The following is a list of the dates and species per the Massachusetts Fish & Wildlife Division. Please visit this website for all laws and regulations pertaining to hunting in Massachusetts:


Sandy Neck hunting:


Pheasant: October 15th through November 26th, 2016

Rabbit: October 15th, through February 28th, 2017

Coyote: October 15th through March 8th, 2017

Fox: November 1st through February 28, 2017

Turkey: October 24th, through November 5th, 2016

Ducks: October 14th through October 22nd, 2016

Sea Ducks: November 17th though January 28th, 2017


NO DEER HUNTING is allowed anywhere on Sandy Neck Beach Park.


Tips for hikers:


~We recommend that you wear a blaze orange hat while hiking Sandy Neck.


~Check in with the Gatehouse prior to going out on the trails. Hunters have to sign in at the Gatehouse prior to hunting so we may be able to tell you if anyone is currently hunting.


~Always stay on the designated trails, DO NOT venture into the dunes.


~No hunting is allowed on the front beach. Hiking the front beach is safe.


~Hunting is allowed Monday-Saturday, 1/2 hour before sunrise until sunset.


~There is NO hunting allowed on Sundays!  


~Please remember that your dogs could be mistaken for wild game and for their safety it is recommended that you and your pet either walk the front beach or have an orange vest for your dog and/or a bell for their collar.


~The Staff at Sandy Neck is committed to ensuring that all who come to Sandy Neck Beach Park have an enjoyable and safe visit. While visiting, should you have any concerns, please call the Gatehouse at 508-362-8300