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Sandy Neck Store

class of 2016 SNK

2016 Sandy Neck Store!


We have wonderful new merchandise at the Sandy Neck Gatehouse for 2016:


Assorted ball caps, including a special edition “retro” cap $20


Owl Eye Bucket hat to keep the sun off your face and neck $30


Sweatpants $30


2016 ORV Tee Shirts $15


Adult Property Of Sandy Neck Tee Shirts $20


Sweatshirts $45


Crew Neck Fleece $45


Jersey Hoodie $30


Distressed Cape Cod/Sandy Neck Tee $20


Long Sleeve Trail Tees $25


Youth Property Of Tee $20


Youth Digital Camo Wicking Tee $25


Sandy Neck Flag $25


Bumper Stickers New “retro” $5


Bumper Stickers New Round $5


Sandy Neck Tire Gauge Key Ring $3


Sandy Neck Water Bottle $5


Sandy Neck Mugs/Glasses $10


Grocery Tote Bag $4


Sandy Neck Beach Bag $30



The Gatehouse hours are 8am – 9pm, EVERY DAY!