4th of July at Sandy Neck Beach Park

The Sandy Neck Beach Park Staff wishes to extend a warm welcome to everyone for the 2015 Summer season at the beach!


 With the 4th of July fast approaching we want to update you on Beach conditions. The Off Road Vehicle Beach is open to Trail 2, (1.4 miles).  The speed limit is 5 MPH.  Park with your headlights facing the dunes. Campers may park with either their headlights or taillights to the dunes. We ask those campers who park with the taillights to the dunes to put their hang tags in the rear window of the camper for easy viewing!

Please visit our website at www.sandyneckbeachpark.com for ORV parking diagram.

We expect a busy 4th of July weekend and want everyone to have fun and remain safe!  A couple of reminders to help you enjoy your time here at Sandy Neck:

1. On the Off Road Vehicle Corridor, dogs must be leashed at all times (15′ leash or less). No dogs allowed in parking lot or on public beach.

2. Fires are allowed in designated areas at 7 pm.

3. Per the fire department, NO sky lanterns are allowed to be set off from the beach.

4. Anyone visiting the beach, either going to the parking lot or Off Road must be through the gatehouse by 9 pm.

5. Curfew is 11 pm. You must be out of the park by that time.

Please call the gatehouse at 508-362-8300 with any questions

Thank you for making Sandy Neck Beach Park your vacation destination!



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