Monthly Archives: April 2015

Spring arrives at Sandy Neck, really!!

In spite of the cool temperatures and gray days, there are signs of Spring here at Sandy Neck!  The beach conditions continue to improve and with the hard work of the staff, new ORV signs are going up and much of the debris from the Winter have been removed. The new dune nourishment at the lower parking lot is holding and and hopefully the storms out of the Northeast will stay away!

4 6 2015 sunrise

The new season brings with it the return of the Ospreys to their nests. We have a pair in the Great Marsh nest across from the gatehouse. Please come and see them as they prepare their nest for the breeding season.

Osprey return a


Plovers are making their way back and you may see them scurrying about the beach on their way to the shoreline to feed. Please be respectful and careful when driving on the ORV corridor. Keep your eyes open and slow down when you see a Plover!

Plover a 2015

At the gatehouse we have added credit cards for your convenience! The minimum charge is $10. Credit cards cannot be used to purchase a Public Parking hang tag when we begin to charge for Bodfish parking in the Summer months. Credit cards may be used to purchase your ORV Stickers, Camping nights and Merchandise.


Gatehouse hours for the month of April are: Daily from 9 am to 4 pm.

The entire staff here at Sandy Neck is looking forward to a safe and fun 2015 and we look forward to seeing you all at the beach!