The Mayors of Sandy Neck

jack and quinny Jack & Quinlin conferring at the Sandy Neck Gatehouse

We welcome our four-legged friends at Sandy Neck Beach Park year round! Often in the early morning you can see dogs along with their human parents strolling down Sandy Neck Road or walking the very popular Great Marsh Trail. Folks who live on the road often meet up to walk their canine companions together, both dogs and people seem to love the meet and greet time of day at Sandy Neck!


We wish to highlight two of our favorite doggy friends whom I call the Mayors of Sandy Neck!  Paul and Donna White of West Barnstable are owned by Quinlin, the “Bestie Westie”.  Quinny will come to the gate most mornings and politely shake hands and lie down for a treat. He never meets a stranger and while his “Dad” Paul and I talk, Quinny greets each and every person and dog that comes through the Gatehouse. If someone starts to pass by without giving Quinny a hello, he will give them his most lovable look until they have to stop and give him the attention he deserves!


The other Mayor of Sandy Neck is Jack; a strikingly handsome Border Collie mix who will melt your heart. Jack parents are Earl and Judy McKeen of East Sandwich.  Jack is a rescue dog and like most rescue animals, Jack is kind of a shy guy. He doesn’t eat treats, but each time he comes to the Gatehouse he wags his tail and waits patiently for his pat on the head. You have to fall in love with Jack’s kind and gentle eyes and his quiet demeanor.  Although Jack is more reserved than Quinlin, you wouldn’t know it when the two greet each other. It is total love fest!


The Mayors meet often at the Gatehouse or on Sandy Neck Road and everyone who lives here knows who they are. Quinlin and Jack have asked me to tell all you parents of four-legged children to stop by the Gatehouse get your doggies a treat and enjoy a lovely walk. Gatehouse staff will point out the way to the Great Marsh Trail and will give you a map of the park.


If you are out and about on Sandy Neck Road and you see they Mayors, make sure you stop and say hello!

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