Energy Commission Mission Statement

The mission of the Barnstable Renewable Energy Commission is to promote energy
conservation, energy efficiency, the development of renewable energy, and explore other ways to reduce carbon emissions among the town’s residents, businesses, and in municipal affairs. These goals will be accomplished through educational activities and programs designed to encourage stakeholders to evaluate to their energy use and to consider renewable energy alternatives.

The Commission’s charge is to:

  • Study and recommend viable methods for achieving energy conservation and for
    utilizing renewable sources of energy within the town.
  • Provide assistance/education and outreach to residents on how individuals, families
    and businesses can implement renewable energy and conservation efficiency
    measures in their homes, businesses and daily lives.
  • Promote energy efficiency programs available through the Cape Light Compact in
    residential and commercial sectors.
  • Undertake, and update yearly, a town-wide Energy Audit and inventory of energy
    and Greenhouse Gas emissions for the town and the setting of goals for energy and
    emissions reductions.
  • Review Town ordinances to promote energy conservation and renewable energy
  • Make recommendations to and cooperate and communicate with Town officials,
    boards and commissions as well as public and private groups with similar concerns,
    and with the appropriate agencies of the state, regional, and federal governments.
  • Draft an Energy and Climate Action Plan.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the goals of the Barnstable Energy and Climate
    Action Plan to ensure that the savings potential possible through energy efficiency
    and renewable energy technologies are achieved.