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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can buy a burial lot in the Town of Barnstable?


Persons who have been bona fide residents of the Town of Barnstable for a period of two (2) years or more are entitled to be issued a license to a burial lot in an Active Cemetery.  Additionally, non-resident taxpayers and residents with less than two (2) years residency may be issued a license to a burial lot in Mosswood Cemetery at 150% of the total fee currently in effect for residents with two or more years residency.


How many burials are allowed per grave?


In any single grave space for casket burial the licensee is allowed 1 casket and two cremation urns or if no casket is used then 3 cremation urns can occupy a single grave space.


A cremation lot may have only 2 cremation urns per lot.


What size monuments are allowed?


Single flush markers can not exceed 24” long x 14” wide x 4” thick


A double flush marker can not exceed 36” long x 14” wide x 4” thick and must be centered on a 2 grave lot.


An upright monument where allowed can not exceed 3’.5’ long x 1’ wide x 3’ tall and needs a foundation poured by cemetery staff.


What is allowed on a grave lot?


You are allowed flowers in heavy movable pots with a maximum of 12 inches in diameter or a movable window box not to exceed 18”. Planter must sit freely on the ground with no wires, rods or dowels holding them in place. Plant stands of any kind are not permitted.


Can you plant in the ground on your cemetery lot?


No in ground plantings are allowed. Please contact Cemetery Foreman to discuss other allowable options.


Can you donate a memorization tree to the cemetery?


Yes, Location and tree must be approved by Cemetery Foreman.


Does the Town put American flags on veteran graves on Memorial Day?


No. The veterans services with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts put out the flags.


For complete rules & regulations please chick here.





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