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Bulkhead FAQ's

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Barnstable Bulkhead Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that have been raised to Town staff on this project. These questions, and additional questions as they arise, will be updated on this page. If you have a question, please feel free to email it to us at barnstablebulletin@town.barnstable.ma.us


Q: When is the Barnstable Bulkhead Project scheduled to begin?

A: We anticipate that some activity will begin at the harbor in the middle of April. As soon as we know more, we will post it on the Town’s website . We heard from CRC this week that they may be bringing equipment to the site next week - ahead of their published schedule. (May 7, 2010)

Q: Who is the contractor for the project?

A: The Town of Barnstable has hired CRC Co., Inc. of Quincy as the contractor for the project. They are working with the Town and Vine Associates, Inc. of Hingham – a waterfront consulting firm.

Q: How many hours a day will they be working?

A: The contractor anticipates working from 7 am (with crews arriving around 6:30 am) to approximately 3:30 pm. However, there may be some days where it will be more efficient to continue working until they have completed a section.

Q: The contractor plans to begin at the north side of the existing steel bulkhead and work south as a continuous project. Would it be possible for the contractor to work incrementally to allow some slips to remain?

A: The contractor stated that they could not do the work in increments; that the work had to be done as a continuous project. The reason was that the bulkhead itself is one continuous unit and can not be segmented. Further, there are legal and liability issues surrounding the lack of stability of the existing bulkhead. Lastly, the contractor is committed to completing the work quickly and efficiently and continuous work rather than “start/stop”. The Town must defer to the contractor on this issue.

Q: What kind of things can we expect with this project?

A: There will be considerable discernible vibration along the entire bulkhead during construction. The process will be loud, messy and potentially dangerous . The project will be dirty: the machinery is diesel; property/boats nearby will experience “smut”. A silt boom will be on site to minimize and maintain debris which may fall outside waterside limit of work.

Q: Can ANY slips on the east side be used during the summer months?

A: No. The contractor was very insistent that there could be no boats on the right (east) side or the south side of the basin during construction. The former is because of liability and safety issues. The contractor explained that there will be a massive crane boom hoisting 40 foot long sheets of steel that weigh in excess of 5,000 pounds over the east landside and water side areas and that the site could be dangerous.

Q: Will the south side of the Bulkhead be available for loading and unloading for commercial fishermen?

A: No. The south side is off limits because of construction and because this area will be used to store some materials, equipment and trucks.

Q: Will there be road closures along Millway?

A: No permanent road closures are expected on Millway. However, there will be interruptions and every effort will be made for advance notification.


Q: Will there be any disruption for the 4th of July Parade?

A: The 4th of July Parade will not be affected. The 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year.


Q: Will there be additional village meetings on the project?

A: The Town will hold weekly meetings at the Dolphin Restaurant for those interested in learning more about the project’s progress. The meetings will probably be held on Fridays – immediately following the Town’s meeting with the Contractor. Meeting dates and times will be posted on this website and notice will be given to Councilor Canedy and the Friends of Barnstable Harbor for dissemination among their constituents.

Q: Can additional moorings be added to the mooring field?

A: This question is currently being reviewed by Legal and other appropriate staff.

Q: Will there be signage or notice given to potential users of Blish Point?

A: The Town will work with the State for signage that will be placed at the Blish Point ramp. Please see below for questions that have not yet been answered by the State:

The following questions from the Slipholders / Stakeholders Meeting have been asked of the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game Office of Fish and Boating Access. We will post their response as soon as we get word.

1) Is it possible for the Town of Barnstable to reserve a portion of the parking area at Blish Point for displaced slipholders (12-15 spaces) who may wish to trailer/launch their boats? " The Blish Point Access Facility is a federal Wallup-Breaux reimbursement project. Under federal guidelines all use must be open to all citizens of the United States on an equal basis. No restrictions allowing special use can be allowed for Town or even state residents."

2) It is possible to allow for the storage of dinghies on site, location to be determined, with perhaps the use of a dinghy tie up structure? This request is being evaluated by the state.

3) Is it possible to restrict the use of Blish Point to Town residents only? “ The Blish Point Access Facility is a federal Wallup-Breaux reimbursement project. Under federal guidelines all use must be open to all citizens of the United States on an equal basis. No restrictions allowing special use can be allowed for Town or even state residents.”

*The Blish Point Public Access Facility is a major boating access facility for Cape Cod Bay and Barnstable Harbor. The level of parking available is insufficient for the demand (34 boat/trailer spaces). Additionally, the state told us, “Also, it is anticipated that both the Wellfleet Harbor ramp and the Sesuit Harbor ramp will be down in the next year or so for repairs or reconstruction. This will put significant additional pressure on the Blish Point ramp for general access to Cape Cod Bay.”

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