Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes a project eligible for CPA funding? (General Criteria)
  • Where do I submit a Letter of Intent or Application? (Email CPC)
  • Who do I contact if I have questions on an application? (Email CPC)
  • Who do I contact to confirm a presentation date? (Email CPC)
  • How does my project get funded?
    (The CPC recommends potential projects to the Town Manager and Town Council for funding based on eligible criteria)
  • Where can I get a draft version of the Historic Restriction? (Email CPC)
  • I have questions regarding the language in a restriction. (DOCUMENT SAMPLES)
  • How do I submit a payment / reimbursement on an approved project? (Funding Request Form)
  • How long will it take to get funds for my project? (Funding Timeline )
  • I would like to volunteer to monitor a property. (Email CPC)
  • How do I report an issue regarding a CPA funded project? ( Email CPC)


General Contact

P 508-862-4749
F 508-862-4782
E CPC Email






P 508-862-4749
F 508-862-4782
E CPC Email


  • Counsell, Lindsey - Chair- exp. 6/20
  • Converse, Deborah- exp. 6/21
  • Duenas, Terry- exp. 6/20
  • Fifield, Marilyn- exp. 6/19
  • Garofoli, Katherine- exp. 6/21
  • Laselva, Fred- exp. 6/19
  • Lee, F.P. Tom- exp. 6/21
  • Shufelt, Laura- exp. 6/19
  • Tenaglia, James- exp. 6/19

Town Council Liaison

  • Britt Beedenbender



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